Marketing's Future

Online video was once considered an afterthought in most advertising campaigns, however, over the past number of years, we have witnessed a tremendous shift within digital marketing from desktop to mobile. Video accounts for a large percentage of all consumer internet traffic. One in three people view at least one online video every few days, which is 20 million people in the UK alone. Advertisers have increased investment in video advertising by 114% - an 85% increase from just two years ago and according to Forbes. In addition to this, 76% of marketers polled stated they would be increasing their use of YouTube and video marketing. Given this rapid growth, and video's projected climb, advertisers should be including a well thought-out video strategy in their marketing plans which defines metrics for success. Video is an integral part of the marketing mix now; it's easy to share, easy to use, has the potential to go viral, ideal for mobile marketing, and engages users immediately. In fact, seven out of ten people view brands in a more positive light after watching a video. As for mobile, marketers who have invested wisely in the medium will reap the rewards, as 41% of video play share happens via mobile.


There's More To your Online Business Profile Than Meets The Eye

If you’re just getting started or determined to expand on your current business success, you’ve come to the right place. Especially if you’re looking for Online Business Development that includes:
• A dynamic website that generates long-term sales and builds a loyal following
• Step-by-step action plans to become the go-to authority in your industry
• A fast, highly-talented team of experts in strategy, design and marketing
• Expert video marketing with exceptional results for you

Imagine you had a clone of yourself... making sales... while you are doing other stuff, that's exactly what video marketing can help do with your business - James Lavers

We love being at the forefront of online business solutions and the biggest growth area has been the leap to online video marketing, that's where we come in. Upscale Marketing can create stunning, campaigns to accelerate the future of your brand.


Our dedicated team is made up of talented and enthusastic individuals who specialise in different areas. This means we can be flexible and adaptable and assemble the right people to handle projects of any scale. Blending creativity and technical skills, we share a love of bringing ideas to life through innovative online business solutions.

More than just marketing

Our aim is provide innovative solutions to all your online business development needs. We are passionately dedicated to creating outstanding work that enhances your brand. If you’re just getting started or determined to expand on your current business success, you’ve come to the right place.


Website design is one of the most essential elements of starting a website. The design of your website conveys a message to new visitors of who you are as a brand. We work exclusively with WordPress software to build all of our websites which are 100% customisable, easy to use and SEO optimised

Social Media

Social media is an incredible tool to build your business and get more sales but most business are tragically falling short on their social media efforts and missing out on all important growth and conversions. At Upscale Marketing we are social media pros and can provide everything from the essential social media audit to custom cover video/images and everything in between!

Logo and Graphic Design

Your logo is the foundation for creating every other design and contact point. At Upscale Marketing we have talented and experienced graphic design artists to created quality logos and designs to furl your online business.


We work with businesses and brands and to produce promotional, corporate and creative content. Our experience extends to a diverse range of industries, including: Manufacturing, Retail, Travel, Events, Services and Industry.
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